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Gordon Grieve was raised in the atmosphere of a growing Baptist Church in his home town of Brantford Ontario .He received Christ as His personal Saviour at age six.  A much deeper commitment came at age eleven and a great hunger to know the Word of God and to read it daily. The Church was full of a great missionary zeal and subsequently a surrender to serve Christ along side of so many of the rest of the young people in this Church. 

 He trained in a Missionary School in Kitchener, Ontario and received a bachelor of Theology degree. Serving as an assistant pastor in two aggressively growing churches in the same area .He saw many exciting attendance records broken in those four years.  

With great zeal Gordon began in March of 1979 to pioneer an independent fundamental Baptist church in the city of  Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Inside this group of Churches what was believed as contending for the Faith had become for Gordon in some areas, legalistic Christianity It showed itself in aggressive activities against other styled groups of faith. A special emphasis against Charismatic Churches refuting the gifts and denying Offices to function was all part of the same accusatory and harsh spirit that was in this developing Church.

The faithfulness of God was very present through these years but a growing hunger for an awesome God to show up in their services was becoming their greatest desire.. Painstakingly God was converting Gordon to be like Him.

In the desperate days of a second Church split the hunger of God led Gordon to a meeting that if He had known what would have happened to Him he would not have gone. This was December of 1994. God the Father just graciously walked Gordon and there congregation into the renewing works of God.

The Holy Spirit brought great deliverance, repentance, signs, wonders and miracles to this small still pioneering Church. Before fifty days had passed a stirring burden to pray  is implanted in Gordonís heart. The next three years would find the Church practicing the prophetic gifting for a hundred and thirty days a year over different groups of Nations. They say they were actually being selfish because it was so much fun just to be with the Father.


Their services also became elongated so that the morning services were running into the evening services. Former prostitutes and pedophiles were being wonderfully delivered. God was at work as an awesome God, .and they were being changed into His likeness and liking it for the most part. 

God had gotten out of the box and this congregation would work for all of these next years at not confining God but making up for lost time. They believe if they are going to be called Charismatic then they should be fully guilty of such a title. They are practicing and getting better at all that God wants to offer them. A growing burden has been falling on them for the nation of Canada and they are believing the Lord for a national revival.



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