The" Birthright of America" was given to Pastor Gordon Grieve as he and his church spent 50 days praying for state by state they prayed Scripture and declared the word of the Lord.  As they spent time with America on their heart God gave them His plan for America...the way that He sees us...He called it our birthright.

    Promise 1 - A prophetic voice and spirit Promise 4 - My power to right acts of injustice    
    Promise 2 - Preparing nations to come to their full potential Promise 5 - My passion for people    
    Promise 3 - Strategic Position      
  Promise #1 - A prophetic voice and spirit  
  America. I give to you a  Prophetic Voice and a prophetic spirit to picture to the world the heart of the Father God. This is the first of seven powerful words I believe belongs to the Birthright of America. The American dream has long been an example to the whole of the world of the favour of God. This favour was given to God’s people Israel but Israel’s disobedience has led God to give this to another nation so Israel will be jealous of that blessing . The visibility of this gift in the earth continues to show Israel they can have this favour if they repent and turn to the Lord God.  Like Ezekiel was a picture prophet to Israel, so America has pictured to the world the heart of God since inception as a nation. The vote ahead of you as a nation is so important to select the best candidate to dust off the birthright of America that she would show to the earth the glorious heart of Jehovah God. This God is Holy; He is a God of Awe. Many from other nations have looked at America in awe because of this favour the Lord God has given her.

The eagle upon every decorative flag pole and every crest of heraldry has long portrayed the sign of America’s prophetic directives. When America is in difficulty financially, this too is a picture. This financial storm will cause the eagle to soar higher so a clearer picture can be seen in these days.

Other nations have carried this prophetic picture in the past. When they were disobedient to God they were also removed from carrying the status of being the prophetic picture. Americans at this moment need to understand that if America is not willing to be obedient to this calling then this birthright could be taken from her and given to a more worthy nation. The calling of this prophetic function was given because of the obedience to the God of the fore fathers of America. It was certainly clear in the beginning of the history of this great nation that the God of this nation was the God of the Bible and no other God but He. The freedoms of this nation were the freedoms to do the right thing not the freedom to do whatever you want to do. The freedoms were guarded by the absolutes of the Word of God. This nation needs to speak out of her past experience and show the earth the continued blessings of God by her continual regard for the God that gave her the freedoms in the first place.

This economic downturn is an opportunity to soar higher in these winds of adversity. The motto on your money is” in God we trust”. Do you trust God or do you trust your money? God wants you to rest on Him. Change back your allegiance to the Lord Jesus and God the Father. Let the Holy Spirit comfort you in His ability to care for you as a nation and as individual Americans.

Do not lose HOPE. Jesus is the God of hope. Who and which of your candidates would best seek God in a day of hopelessness.  Vote a vote that will dust off the Birthright of America. Vote a vote that’s supporting the action of a God who wants to be so near America that He is willing to picture His character through the actions of your candidates. He can picture His character through the collective candidates in each state and therefore the whole of the nation. Do your part here in the state of Ohio. This state has been the great deciding vote for the whole of the nation for the past several years. The Lord has given you an awesome responsibility.

You have a choice. Make your choice. Not on what some politicians say to get your vote. Vote for the ones who show the honesty integrity and pure character works of a Holy God. The responsibility to picture what God is doing in the earth is such an important task. Sweep off your birthright America. Rise up and choose wisely.

  Promise #2 - Preparing nations to come to their full potential  
PREPARING nations to come to their FULL POTENTIAL is the second phrase of the birthright of America. I believe this statement reflects the heart of America. It speaks of the generous heart of America toward other nations. America’s history convinces me that she longs to see not just herself but all other nations have the same advantages as she does.

This second phrase of the birthright of America does not just speak about the cherishing of freedoms that motivate America to stand up for the nation that is being intimidated by another nation. This statement does not just speak of the work of your armed forces.  This statement is more than even the life of thousands of soldiers, airmen, and sailors, who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of another nation.  Already in America’s short history there are many nations who are grateful for the helping hand of America when they have had such a need.

This phrase is sometimes a single sentence from an American Ambassador that causes conflicts to settle and as a result peace, and clarity of thought are put in place where havoc was about to break out in a nation. This is not always done by America herself but because America has taken the lead or will quickly cooperate with other nations for that corrective stemming of the tide from chaos. The desire of America to see a coalition of nations activated quickly is a great tribute to America. The end results of those coalitions are so varied. It may be a helping hand, or to implement sanctions. It may be to bring advice, or to send representatives, send experienced personnel, send ships, send aircraft support, send aid, send hospitals, and prepare refugee centers. In short. sending and preparing the region for the fixing of whatever the problem. Many nations would have to conclude “God Bless America” because of the continual daily provisions that are being sent to nations all over the world.

America has concluded that supplies by themselves will not always settle the problem.  America’s maturing experience to bring nations to their full potential may also need some other varied and large changes. America has taken the lead in preparing an intern government for some nations, some being supported by the military of America. The military has spent time training the new army for the nation. They have prepared the police departments for local governments within that nation. America has helped in setting up a new democracy that functions with laws and justice. America has helped with everything from finances, aid, writing constitutions, teaching the new governments how to govern, teaching these governments how democracies work. The lists are endless. America has endeavoured to befriend every nation and try to assist that nation at coming to their full potential. America has also encouraged business men to develop business and enterprise and manufacturing facilities to produce jobs and an economy that will be able to sustain the people of that new and rising nation.

When one nation tries as hard as America has tried to help, she will always find accusers. The accusers will question her motivation. They will challenge the reasons for American involvement. It seems so odd that accusers don’t want to get involved and help but they want to accuse the ones who are helping. Where would Kuwait have been if there wasn’t a Desert Storm? Where would Afghan women be if a challenge had not been made to the Taliban? Where would Taiwan be if America hadn’t released a confirming word of support? Where would the nation of Georgia be if Russia had not been challenged?  Shall we continue to mention Liberia, South Korea, Kenya, Croatia, and the list would go on and on?

Haiti’s recent upheaval and shaking was met with concrete plans to ready a nation to stand back on her own feet. The rebuilding of Europe after World War II was the architect of brilliant planning and preparation that lasted for years and brought a great recovery to the economies of many nations. The El Salvador earthquake that leveled much of the nation was and still is a rebuilding of some four and five years of effort and sacrificial time. The broken Pakistani people of northern Pakistan were shaken in the middle of their winter season but America responded. How quickly is America involved in the needs of the nations of the world. It seems as soon as the need is spoken America reacts with preparedness. America you seem to understand your basic birthright to prepare nations to come back to their full potential or to turn them in that direction, after a season of great difficulty.

There has been a great challenge to your nation in the last five years when a plundering wind blew out and destroyed the super structure that man had put in place. The arrogance of man to defy the normal works of nature’s fury is a gigantic arrogance. New Orleans you should stop criticising the government’s supposed slow response and realize the foolishness of rebuilding what was destroyed. Sometimes these horrific events are for a nation or a city to take a different approach to rebuilding what once was in place. New Orleans you seem to cherish the paganism of your city. It could be that the resolve to rebuild is being impeded by a holy God. America you were supposed to learn from this plundering wind!

In conclusion I would like to speak about endeavouring to fulfill this part of the birthright but doing a right thing in a wrong way.  There may have been times in working with other nations that the same pride mentioned in New Orleans may have dictated the outcome of certain events.  If done in pride it is like you have kicked dust on the glory of the birthright and therefore made the birthright inoperable. These times need to be repented for.

In 1980 the American forces made an attack on the city of Gwangju in Korea and many innocent people died as a result of a misdirected fury and fear of a communistic uprising. The American and Korean forces were involved together in this event. It has left a scar on this nation since 1980.This labour protest may have had all the antics of a communistic uprising but I believe what the military thought was a right thing to do was done in a wrong way. The left over fears of war and a war without an armistice stirred old wounds into a frenzy and continued to kill twenty-seven years after the basic part of the war had ceased.

The responsibility of preparing nations to reach their full potential demands that the activity to help those nations be done in excellence. America more often than not you have fulfilled these tasks so brilliantly. If a nation is willing to uncover their birthright then violations of that birthright need to be corrected quickly so there is yet validity to that birthright. When violations take place God will cause the violation to be accentuated. (eg .a) -violations of torture against any prisoner of war in your care b) -unresolved treaty issues with the Aboriginal peoples of America c)- or the one above stated in Gwangju).  These violations when enlarged are so the nation can recognize the violation and correct the violation against that birthright. Violations need to be made right for the validity of the birthright to continue to be effective.

This week you can vote and take an opportunity to keep America preparing nations. This great Democracy you have been developing is worthy of your attention. Make sure you vote for the candidates who will best preserve the desires of your fore father and who desire to build a great nation whose God is the Lord. This God has honoured you with much therefore as he says in His Word `` much is required``. Be careful of the candidate that causes you to introvert into America because of the difficulty of the economy. Remember God has given you a birthright that when exercised, it is good enough for you to bring America to her  full potential  and big enough to bring the nations of the earth to their full potential also.  Prepare yourselves and dust off your birthright

  Promise #3 - Strategic Position  
I will strategically position you. This is the third statement of the birthright of America. I believe even as we have discussed  there is a sovereign planning behind the developing of the nation of America. I believe that the Lord God has been using America as a strategy to accomplish His purposes in the earth.  America is known for her great Christian Faith and is known for her great endeavours of the propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ .America has responded with great grace to the nations of the earth though she has been one of the super powers of the earth. God has trusted America with power to work with nations all around the world .I will speak of this tomorrow in the next directive of this statement of birthright.

I need to fill you in on some information of how this Statement of Birthright came about. First of all I am a Canadian. I began to pray for the nations of the earth seriously in May of 1995. I was praying for America every month but every time I spoke in prayer over America, I had so much to pray and speak and declare. So I started praying every week along side of my nation of Canada. The more I prayed about America the more I became interested in the Love of God that poured all over me when praying for America. A deep resolve began to come over me to pray more effectively for her. The Church I was pastoring had spent much time praying over the 10/40 window and other continents of the earth. Commitments of many days and months in prayer were a regular practice of my leadership at the Church.

The love for America yet increased along with the desire to pray more intelligently and more efficiently. A greater stirring and a feeling certain of God’s willingness to use America mightily in the earth developed into a planned strategy of prayer for America. In 1999 between Passover and Pentecost the Lord directed us to pray over America for fifty days. We were to pray state by state each night. The strategy to pray was that we would pray through a Rand Mc Nally atlas therefore in alphabetical order and assign every fiftieth Psalm to each state. Therefore Alabama would be Psalm 1, Psalm 51,Psalm 101 and so on through to Wyoming assigning Psalm 50,100,150. Seven key words all beginning with the letter “P” soon entered our prayer meetings and were being repeated often. These words have now become the key words of the birthright of America.

On the second day of the prayer meeting we were praying for the State of Alaska. This especially was a night of great unfolding revelation of which many of our prayers are based upon what the Lord showed us that night. Our life in Canada has been richly increased because of our proximity to America geographically. AS we thought about this idea we began to be very humbled by the positioning of America all around us. We marveled at the very long forty ninth parallel line that has brought an enjoyment of resources and protection over the history of our young and meagerly populated nation. We marveled that the 1812 attempt of control over us was more directed towards Britain than the new founded nation of Canada ( a nation that would get it’s start some fifty-five years later). Not once in our 143 years of history  (since 1867) has America ever challenged our sovereignty. America has given us her wing of protection through the years of the Cold War and kept Russia on their side of the Arctic. Alaska’s positioning in the far north gave all of Canada a security in those fearful days. In addition all the reserves of the American NORAD system and the American air force and military bases kept a watchful eye over the superpower Russia who made many aggressive moves against many vulnerable nations in those days. 

Alaska to Canada as a nation, was the same as Hawaii to the south Pacific.  America’s fiftieth state was a bastion of strength that was keeping several aggressive nations in their place. Japan’s imperialistic regime knew the positioning of America in the Hawaii MUST be taken out if she would be successful in placing her controls on the entire south Pacific. This resulted attack against America called Pearl Harbour. What Japan had not counted on was that she awoke a sleeping giant, and that this Giant America would stand up.

The relationship that America has with Puerto Rico and her American Virgin Islands allows for continual opportunity to watch over the Caribbean Island. The United States of America has blessed this region keeping an aggressive Cuba at bay. These are but a few examples of the positioning of America for the benefit of free loving democracies.

America’s embassies all over the world are avenues of influence in the obscure and the prominent nations of the World.

Positioning oneself for better relationship is of such great importance for good communication. America has been a Master at this in her short history. Positioning has to do with quick and readied responses to democracies around the world. Aid is able to move quickly and any other resources because of the positioning of America. Her willingness to work out relationships with all nations has benefitted her with using nation’s air space and setting up bases of operation in foreign nations therefore making it easier to make a difference in the earth.

This week in America you need to position yourself to vote. Vote for the best candidate. Vote for one who will best represent the willingness to keep these great relationships with all nations viable. Vote for one who will therefore protect all of the United State’s benefits and assets around the world. These candidates for election need to be able to continue to use Americas worldwide positioning. They need to be able to use these positions discretely but firmly for the continued benefits of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The positioning of America geographically and her wisdom to position herself will influence the continents of the world. The nations continue to hold America in great regard. You are voting for more than a local politician but for the well being of ongoing relationships all over the word. America has helped the world to become a small place. Don’t consider your vote to be a small thing. Every vote counts. Take advantage of the choice you have been given. Honour those who have provided your right to choose by voting. Make a choice of wisdom that will continue to cause America to be held in deep regard.

Father, bless us with an understanding of your ability to use us as a nation.  You appoint kings.  You exalt nations.  It is no small thing to be positioned by you. May the men and women that govern our land think thoughts greater than "what is in it for us".  May they be men and women with an eye to the nations of the world...that we may serve, protect, and have interest in the welfare of others.


  Promise #4 - My power to right acts of injustice  
“America I trust you with my POWER to purify unrighteous works of injustice”.  This word POWER is the fourth keyword of America’s birthright. The idea involved in this phrase says that America has power or authority to speak into the injustices of other nations, because she is willing to speak into the injustices of every American.

The reverence that America has for a just system of government is declared clearly in the document of your Declaration of Independence. This document states “that it is self evident that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator and with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. When America speaks it means something to every American. America’s reverence for this just system of law and the practise of those laws causes other nations to listen. They listen because of the consistency of the authority that is at work in American society.

Authority or power that is out of control is dictatorial. America has made provision for the people when government is not what it should be. This same document declares” that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new government laying its foundations on such principles and organizing it’s powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect there safety and happiness”.

America has long loved her freedoms and in her early years recognized these freedoms as having been given by God. She was given an empowering to see freedom as a cause - a cause that will bring effective and corrective government. When America sees other nations wailing in despair because of corrupt and dictatorial systems, she has been moved with compassion and concerns that these nations might know the joys of these liberties.

America has backed up that compassion with the power of every civilian who chooses the armed forces. Each individual’s commitment is a choice for the cause of freedom. This commitment does not just involve themselves but all those family members and friends who know this civilian. They understand together that the cause of freedom is greater than the sacrifice. All of these will sacrifice because of the choice to make a difference. The willingness of the whole corporate group desires to be a part of the bettering of any nation who wants their help. The empowering to help, the empowering to care, and the empowering to restore, not just the America they love, but also for all the nations of the world.

The cause has been costly. The very blood of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and their underlying staffs has caused America a great sorrow of heart but because of the empowering of the birthright they reel up in a song of rejoicing “that the Flag was still there” declaring that freedom still  prevails.

The cause of the nation of Vietnam some now forty years ago was gradually snipped away by the liberal media and the discontent of a few celebrities. Vietnam was so costly. When you lost your way and withdrew, the results were so horrific. The losses of life on the killing fields of Cambodia were atrocious. The lack of freedoms and abuses of human rights still prevails in Vietnam to this day.

Korea was and still is so costly because of the continued presence of thirty-eight thousand troops still in South Korea today. Because of your continual resolve for the cause of the Korean people a different result has measured itself over the past fifty seven years. The presence of America has continued to thwart the dictatorial regime from advancing past the DMZ zone to this day and yet those imprisoned in North Korea continue to suffer the greatest sufferings ever told in human history. 

Iraq has been costly too. Again the activity of liberal media and a few movie stars has worn away the resolve of this difficult situation. America’s pull out from Iraq will again see if history repeats itself by massive deaths to the vulnerable all over Iraq. The weariness of this now seven and a half year war has resulted in much loss and much anguish for America. But freedom is sweeter to all those who have ventured into the land to make a difference.

America you need to know this is your birthright to do these things. God is and has honoured you with power to purify unrighteous works of injustice. You have certainly prevailed more than any other nation. Where is your song? I hear no song as you leave Iraq. Reel up America and rejoice! “That your Flag still stands” If you pull out does your flag still stand? Is that why you are not singing?

The blood of every American who has fallen in Iraq is calling out from the desert sand for the full repayment of their just cause. The lives of the wounded all over America need a full documentation of the cost for the cause of freedom for others.  The relatives, friends and caring and praying Americans left behind, who have suffered such loss, who have wept such tears,  all deserve the full reality of the blessing of the birthright they so honoured. They have served “the cause” to see the cause of freedom for other nations.

If the only qualifying value to this seven and a half year war is that their own freedom is more precious now is that enough? Iraq and Afghanistan are now called the unwinnable wars and the resolve to win does not seem to be there. Is there not validity in what was begun?  If America cannot continue will freedoms win? Will these freedoms prevail for everyday living for the Iraqi and Afghan peoples?

Vote wisely for those who will do right in your international affairs. Vote for those who will continue to hold the armed forces in the deepest regard. Vote for those who shall stand for freedom not only in America but shall stand up wherever freedom is challenged.  America be America. Continue to be strong and brave. Continue to reel up and sing about the flag that is still there. Make your choice count for the future freedoms of America. Be careful of the wearing away of your freedoms. Be careful of those who have belittled the armed forces and who continue to insist at America’s withdrawal from battlefields. Be careful of those who have lost the regard for those who have paid the ultimate price. Be careful of those who have tired because they listen to liberal media and a few celebrities. Be careful of those who are blowing the bugles of retreat.

Remember if you are in flight, the enemy will follow you all the way home. How many times will you allow the flash in the pan American who has lost sight of the cause to kick dust up against your birthright? How many times will the God who gave you these freedoms allow you to withdraw from “the cause” before He gives your birthright to another. Remember if you don’t want the power to help nations with their injustices it will lead to havoc in your own land and the full loss of all seven of these great birthright words. If this lack of resolve to the cause continues will Israel live in fear of losing their friend in these difficult days ahead?  I think the final statement of the Declaration of Independence sums it up,” With a Firm reliance on Divine Providence.” Vote for the candidate who will trust in Jehovah God more than trusting in anything else.

Father, give us eyes to see our role in the world and the men and women that you desire to lead it. 

  Promise #5 - My passion for people  
 “I will support you with My passions for people”  This fifth statement of America’s birthright is based upon some of the other statements already spoken about in the last few days. America as a super power has the power to be overbearing but is not. Instead she assists the weaker nations –she supports the poorer nations - she instigates ways to help nations be greater than they are. The Passion of America is found in her love for her self, her desire to bless America, her great patriotic responses, her pride of being a great nation and responding with excellence to the world.

America you are stirred quickly about matters of importance. I sometimes wonder if the pan is shallow that has been stirred. Your former British ties gave you a tenacity to continue at something no matter how difficult. That stamina to endure still needs to be in the stirring of America. This tenacity was in Edison of old when producing the filament of a light bulb. He tried hundreds of times before the successful conclusion. America, God’s blessing has been great upon you and sometimes that blessing has made things too easy for the next generation of Americans. This economic let down may be the Lord’s way of kicking out the props so your passion, driven by a deep stirring will continue through challenges, and will deepen further because a resolve to love even the unlovely will increase the influence of America.

The nations of the earth have so appreciated your passion to endure with tenacity. When all was lost in the Korean War a new and creative strategy shocked the invading forces. So again we saw the passions to bless the nation that was hurting. The American influence in the nations of the world stemmed the tide of the advance of communistic influence. The support of all peoples caused America to become a collage of all the nations of the earth. Loving all people is The American Way.

A passion for greater value of living has released unbelievable inventions in every area of life. Life has been made easier by each of these passions to supersede the one before… a passion for life, a passion for liberty , and a passion for the inclusion of the world into all the blessings of the American Way .

I do need you to notice that I believe it is God (Jehovah) who has instigated His passions into you as a nation as you have cultivated Christianity. The character of this passion has stirred you forward. If these beliefs in this God are thrown down then the passions you have will fail also. The gospel is God’s great sacrifice to men. This example of sacrifice has motivated these great passions. If you love God you’ll lose these passions will not be lost and you will continue to protect the nations.

America, vote with your heart. Discern between the talker and the true passionate American Candidate. Discern between those who are building a career for themselves and those who are motivated by a passion for the living God. Look for those who will serve you as a people and not follow their own selfish ambitions. Look for the bipartisan who is willing to work with others though different in their way of thinking.

Discern the difference. Vote and do right with a passion for this nation so that America will yet be beautiful, not just to the nations, but to the God your forefathers honoured.


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