Harvest Hills International Fellowship




  Sunday AM Worship Service
10:30 AM - (Location: Church Auditorium)
  Saturday - Rise Up
6:30 PM (Location: Church Auditorium)


Auditorium: 167 Suffolk Street - Guelph, Ontario
Corner of Yorkshire & Suffolk
Connected to Barber Glass Gallery
Enter VIA doors in the back building parking lot


Office: 155 Suffolk Street - Upper Room
Corner of Yorkshire & Suffolk
Enter VIA doors on Suffolk



Gordon was raised in a God fearing home with a regular family altar. He was lead to Christ by his Father at six years of age. The vibrant growing Baptist Church Gordon was raised in was a huge influence to stir the love of God for the nations. Gordon felt a clear calling to the ministry and after training felt directed by God to the city of Guelph,

Harvest Hills Christian Fellowship was pioneered by Gordon and his wife Judy in March of 1979 in the royal city, the city called Guelph Ontario, Canada. They divide the last twenty-eight years of ministry into four significant seven year seasons.

1 - The Church saw the Favour of God as God established the work and began to change it into His likeness.

2 - The next seven years through great difficulty and a climaxing church split, the Lord showed them His enduring Faithfulness.

3 - In the desperation of the preceding season God created hunger for God to be God without restrictions. God responded by graciously falling on the Church in power and releasing the good gifts of the Fullness of His Spirit. A great fresh expression of the love of the Father renewed each believer, and set them running into the fullness of God. A wonderful fresh ministry of prayer would be birthed out of this season. A growing prophetic ministry developed. Prayer strategies were developed for every nation of the world. The opportunity to release these strategies manifested itself in a travelling itinerate ministry for Gordon and Judy with the Church serving as an intercessory guard. 

4 - The last seven years has been a time spent preparing to crossover and take the land. This is a season for Fruitfulness. This is fruit, much fruit, more fruit, and fruit that will remain .This preparation season is now ending. In this last year of the seven years God has clarified the calling of the Church. The calling is to the City, the County, the Country, and the Continents of the earth .It is a season of rest in Him and of verifying that all things are in order. He has clarified this twice in two seasons of prayer this year (2007).   

The Lord said the foundation is good. Now it is time to build - blue prints or strategies in hand - sill plates readied to be aligned to the Cornerstone- all things are in order including the financial backing of a supernatural supplier. The Church must understand that the foundation is in the ground and is hidden to most spectators. The building on the foundation is going to be fully seen. The invisible things of Him will be clearly seen. 

This will be the greatest Harvest the world has ever seen. Are you ready?