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  August 21, 1997

Evening Session of Conference. HAVE ANOTHER DRINK John Arnott preaching.

At the end of the meeting there was an impartation of the Holy Spirit that I spoke out as the Bread of His Presence This great apostolic message seemed to release to the Church not just a revelation of bellies that would flow with living water, but a tangible, weighty, sense of strengthening to nourish believers even like unto Manna from above, being absorbed into the persons according to each individual need.

August 24, 1997

Evening Service - SUNDAY

I was asked to give a testimony of some of the most recent happenings of the Spirit of God on my life. Upon the conclusion of the testimony, I was prayed for by some of the Pastoral and Ministry teams.  NOTE: I have on many occasion entered into nations and seen in the Spirit the conditions of the land. I'm speaking of some lengthy visits in visions and prayer that have lead to some clear prophetic release and prayers that to this day I continue to pray. In all these times I've never held a city of Canada in my hand. So it was most refreshing to find myself in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The following is what I believe I saw and believe it to mean:

I saw a fountain spring out of Winnipeg. As it sprung up out of the ground it turned into a manifestation of whole, uncut loaves of bread. The outer spray of the fountain reached east and west to the boundaries of Manitoba. Another fountain sprung forth within the first, and the spray of it catapulted upward higher than the first. The spray covered East to Ontario/Quebec border and West to Saskatchewan/Alberta border. A third fountain gushed forth from the middle of the other two great continuing sprays of loaves of bread. It too found a greater pressure to extend its influence eastward to the Quebec/Maine and Atlantic borders and westward to the Alberta/British Columbia border. Again a 4th spray under a great gusher rose higher than the other three and sprayed out eastward past P.E.I. The ocean was covered in loaves of bread. I did not see Newfoundland receive bread but I did not lift me eyes Northward, but seemed to carry out a line from the latitude of Winnipeg and Southward as I went East. The Westward flow of the opposite side of this fourth gusher landed out in the Pacific Ocean. The spray continued as a mighty fountain. Then the axis of the fountain turned to the North and South of Winnipeg. Northward the loaves tumbled upward to Baffin Island and the Arctic areas and some loaves tumbled up and over the top of the World. It was here that a most glorious thing happened... The flow all seemed to emphasize a down pour over the U.S./Canada border. The bread traveled on rivers, first of all into the Dakotas, in a Westerly but Southward flow. This bread flowed with a torrent through Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois at which time the whole of the Mississippi River systems (including Missouri River) Carried these loaves down to the Gulf of Mexico. The loaves leapt from the mouth of the Gulf into every island of the West Indies. At this time the glorious manifestation of this Living Bread caused a great expelling of demonic and voodoo sprits. Some of the Islands were so cleansed that great light penetrated areas of darkness and stronghold of demonic activity were vacated. The loaves continued to round South America banging into the far Westerly Coast and went out of sight.

The Lord spoke clearly to me as I began to review and return to Winnipeg. I found the fountain still flowing and a great cloud of a witness and testimony of Jesus on the city. I was laying on my back all through this time. The Spirit of God said this is the Bread of My Presence. I will feed My people My Word for I Am the Bread of Life. I will nourish, I will strengthen, I will enlarge the churches authority from this place by the manifest presence of Myself He continued to speak of His holiness and how pure this bread was. He said the oven of the Church was such that they had learned to bake bread and would no longer scorch or burn the bread and was trusting Winnipeg to influence the world with the tastiness of Himself. He said many would want to eat the bread because it looks good and smelled wonderful but upon tasting it would find it bitter in their bellies but that God would give each who would partake daily a taste for this bread. He said others would look and say What is it? What is it? and Winnipeg replied that it is exactly as they are speaking. It is Manna from above.

(Explanation: This is a renewal movement of God even a new way of manifesting Himself. This will not be understood by the religious. The wolves in the Church will expose themselves and speak against making this bread. They will want to know where the meat is. God is so pleased with Winnipeg's desire to be one Church that he says to you to endure and keep baking bread.)

I believe I need to say also at this time that this presence of God is two fold. There is a great spiritual side of enlightenment that will come even like the Toronto Blessing but there is also a social aspect to this move of God, even providing food for the hungry. The one will work with the other hand in hand.
{The Lord since has said to me that you in Winnipeg know how to give bread away because when you had nothing you were willing to receive (recent flood times)}
Winnipeg you will affect all of Canada. The World will come to see you make bread. They will learn from you and will take the recipe to their Nations and the manifest presence of His holiness will touch their nations. 

I saw this happen in the natural sense and timing of your Harvest Season, I believe the Lord meant this year. I also felt that the first week of October was to help you start to make bread. I've since learned that you are hosting a youth conference on October 2,3,4 1997. I am praying there will come this release to you then. But do not bind this word to this date. The process of this work of God is already at work in you.

September 25, 1997

I am writing this word today after many persons have said to do this. I have several things since, that have spoken to me. This is the most recent. Cast your bread upon the Waters...Eccl. 11:1. The Lord says that before you He has run the rivers of Life into every nation . Cast the presence of Himself on top of this water. There will not always be an immediate fruit. There will be an understanding of the tangible weight of the glory. The process I believe is repentance that will come to the Church. So as the river of God has caused us to Focus in on Christ so the Bread of his presence will bring a fullness of the Godhead upon His people. I did not see one local church leading this, but God was using the whole of the Church to continue to bake bread.

Now what I believe to be the most important thing:

Normally in my experience of renewal I will receive a manifestation on my body and then ask the Lord to explain it to me. But I found the Lord asking me to take my right hand and flash it as a sword over my face. So laying on my back I proceeded to take my hand as a sword and counter clockwise release it, until it had made a complete 360 degrees. The Lord said Again Six times I did this and upon each motion of the arm the Lord said Say - NO EFFORT As I finished the sixth round the evangelist speaking the evening of the 24th of August said my next point of the message is NO EFFORT. This evangelist works amongst the orphanages in Bulgaria. He would understand the need for bread. For the full next point I interceded and spoke over Winnipeg his every word. I begged God for a NO EFFORT response from you. I spoke it six times yet God spoke it the seventh. I believe there will be a great rest and even a great quiet that may come with this move of God??? I see people leading meetings and not saying anything. I see great seasons of weeping and yet rejoicing in the bread. I also see that the only effort I was asked to do was obey. The simple obedience was the catalyst for the rest. Winnipeg, you will be cooking bread for the World without effort and in great Spirit of rest.

(prophetic word continued)

On Thursday evening, October 09, 1997, I prayed with tears that the Lord would speak again to me abut the matter and show me how to process this Word, this vision given to me from the Lord. The next day at a prophetic presbytery meeting I was helping on one of the teams at T.A.C.F. Catch the Fire conference. I was called over by Ian Ross, one of the Pastors at T.A.C.F., to his prophetic presbytery circle. There was a young man from Brazil speaking Portuguese and was prophesying over several leaders from the airport. This very humble and gifted young man began prophesying over me first concerning the new positioning of my life at T.A.C.F. as one of the Pastoral Team. The translated message set me at Awe in my Spirit. I was bent over in the chair weeping. Then this young man stopped prophesying. He began to weep with deep emotion. He laid his body over my back and wept even greater. Then through the interpreter said that I had been praying over Canada and I had seen a second wave of the Spirit of God . His voice became very staccato at this point and said?  It shall happen even as you have seen it.? I was so greatly encouraged that God had answered my prayer from the night before. In fact, no known prophet was used. This young man is nameless and faceless to me. Yet in Portuguese he would speak of this great hope over our nation. This verification has helped me to pray with a great fervent heart even though October has come and gone. This is so typical of the prophetic. We see in part not the whole. The timing is always an issue. So this spiritual awakening is in the works looking for a humble Winnipeg.  Looking so that Grace can flow until the manifest revelation of his presence will be received without effort, without sweat, but with the changed linen garment of the restored priesthood of believers. Zechariah chapter three.

On October 25th, 1997 (Saturday), I flew to Korea to teach Prophetic intercession. This was my first trip out of North America and my first flight across Western Canada. As we left Toronto within a few minutes there was a complete cloud cover. I was very disappointed. I so wanted to see Winnipeg. I began to pray that the Lord would open the skies for me, so I could see your city. About 100km before Winnipeg, the sky broke open. In fact, I was amazed at the beauty of little, white, fluffy clouds all lined up in symmetrical lines.

Winnipeg was wide open. I began to pray and the Lord so supernaturally blessed me with tears for the city. Again to my amazement on the West side of the city the same cloud formation showed up. Even though I was bewildered, I tried to read into the picture, but I really do believe for my encouragement those clouds looked just like and aerial view of the fountain that I had seen two months and one day earlier on the floor of TACF (Aug 24, 1997). Cloud cover then covered the rest of the nation. I was shocked, but so delighted when the manifest presence of the glory of God showed up one week later in Seoul, Korea. Some 20 pastors and their leadership were placed on the floor and I sang and ministered over them for two and a half hours. What a blessing to have been a part of this. I felt like I had touched something of what the Lord is going to give you of Himself in Winnipeg.

Blessing as this Day approaches
Gordon Grieve


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